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The Purpose . . .

NATIONAL ODD SHOE EXCHANGE is a resource for new, quality single shoes and pairs of significantly different sizes. Many have this need due to injury, disease and genetic disorders. However, NATIONAL ODD SHOE EXCHANGE is not just about footwear. It is about people. NATIONAL ODD SHOE EXCHANGE is about quality of life, dignity and respect.

Quality Of Life
Properly fitted footwear is critical to general health and well-being. Proper footwear can often prevent worsening conditions, including amputation.

No one should have to endure the indignity and embarrassment of wearing ill-fitting footwear.

No one should have to pay for footwear that is unneeded and unwanted simply to get the footwear they require.

Throughout its long history, people have been referred to NATIONAL ODD SHOE EXCHANGE by professionals in the health care industry, footwear industry, support groups, human service organizations, community service organizations and by media coverage.

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